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Andrés Cardenal

Andrés Cardenal


Andres Cardenal, CFA is a tenacious researcher of the best investment opportunities around the world. Andres is an economist and CFA Charterholder living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Naturally flavored.
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If You're Retired, Consider Buying These 3 Dividend Stocks

These stocks offer rock-solid fundamentals and a pristine trajectory of dividend growth over the decades.


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AMZN pic Stock Is at Historical Highs: Here's Why

Amazon is delivering huge gains for investors, and those returns are based on solid fundamentals.

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3 Top Big Brand Stocks to Buy Now

Companies with powerful brands can be remarkably profitable investments in the long term.


eBay, Inc. Makes a Smart Move

StubHub is a powerfull growth engine for eBay, and the purchase of Ticketbis is making StubHub even stronger.

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What Netflix Wants You to Know About Its Growing Ties to Walt Disney Co

The two companies are direct competitors in many respects, but they also have much to gain from each other.

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Billionaire Investors Are Buying PepsiCo Stock

PepsiCo is a remarkably strong buisness to hold for the long term, so it's really no wonder why billionaires are investing in the company.

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Better Buy Now: Apple vs. Microsoft

Microsoft is more predictable, but Apple offers superior upside potential.


Billionaire Investors Are Betting on Twitter Stock: Time to Buy?

The short-message social network remains quite a risky investment at this stage, but it also offers enormous upside potential.

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3 Reasons to Buy Priceline Now

When considering business quality, financial performance, and valuation levels, Priceline stock looks well positioned to offer attractive returns going forward.

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Should eBay Start Paying a Dividend?

The e-commerce titan has the financial soundness to pay dividends, but that doesn't mean the company should necessarily do so.


3 Top-Quality Stocks You Can Buy and Hold Forever

Time is on your side investing in wonderful companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Nike, and Alphabet.


What Warren Buffett Wants You to Know About IBM

Warren Buffett doesn't like tech stocks or losing money. But that doesn't mean he's upset with his IBM bet.

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Disney Misses Earnings: Buying Opportunity or Time to Run?

Investors are worried about competition from Netflix and the cord-cutting revolution. However, this Fool believes Disney looks strong enough to continue thriving in the long term.

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Is It the Right Time to Buy Wal-Mart Stock?

Financial performance is improving at the retail behemoth, and the stock is attractively priced.