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Super Bowl Snacks That Fatten Your Portfolio

Chowing down throughout the big game is an American tradition, if not an obligation, that maybe adds on a few pounds for us but adds more profits to these companies' coffers. No matter which football team you bet on, these food companies will be winners.

Warren Buffett: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Warren Buffett claims to hardly work and maybe it's true, as his investing philosophy of picking great companies and letting them do all the work has made fortunes for Berkshire Hathaway stockholders and Buffett himself. Here's how he does it.

Will Pretty Little Liars Change the Story for Aeropostale?

Teen retailer Aeropostale's stock hasn't been too pretty since the summer but a collaboration with a hot TV teen property may change its story.

Picking Stocks for 2014 Based on Amazon's Best Sellers

Once again Amazon had a record holiday season and, as usual, the company announced its best sellers. Which publicly traded companies in addition to Amazon benefited from this list?

The Best Brewery and Distillery Tours for Beverage Enthusiasts and Investors

Visiting distilleries and breweries can be a pleasant part of due diligence into alcohol companies. Which tours are the most fun and possibly revealing?

3 More Crazy Things Brewing at Buffalo Wild Wings

Sriracha sauced wings are just one of the special additions Buffalo Wild Wings is rolling out in 2014.

More Crazy Fast Food You Can't Get Here

Fast food giants have global reach these days and they customize some menu items for local tastes. Here are some of the craziest items from Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Domino's Pizza, and Burger King that you can't get in the US.

Crazy Fast Food You Can't Get Here

The biggest fast food-chains localize their menus overseas to suit local tastes. Here are some of the ways the big dogs of quick serve serve it up around the world and why.

How to Make Money Off Of America's Drug of Choice

Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and McDonald's are three of the largest dealers of 1,3,7-trimethylxanthin (a.k.a. caffeine). Which corner coffee dealer will keep you up at night but let your portfolio rest easy?

Will Chipotle Mexican Grill Redefine How We Eat Pizza?

Chipotle is entering the battle for best pizza. Can Chipotle really compete against Domino's and Pizza Hut and make a sustainable 'pizza with integrity?'

Is Restoration Hardware a Fixer-Upper? 5 Things to Know

Is Restoration Hardware what realtors cleverly call a fixer-upper or is it the best housing play in the neighborhood? Here's why Macy's and Williams-Sonoma should be concerned.

Does "Duck Dynasty" Hurt or Help Hunting Stocks?

The wildly popular Duck Dynasty show glorifies hunting. But does Duck Dynasty help Cabela's, Tractor Supply Company, and Dick's Sporting Goods?

3 Cold-Weather Retailers to Warm Your Investing Returns

Freezing winter temps and snow ahead means it's time to consider cold-weather retailers. Which ones are best to cozy up to now for blazing hot returns? Our analyst looks at V.F. Corp., Deckers, and Columbia Sportswear.

5 Shocking Facts About Buying Groceries in the U.S.

Your local supermarket is in a war with other retailers for your grocery dollars. Here's what you might not know about shopping for food these days.

The Top Mobile Retailers of 2013... Are Pretty Surprising

Internet Retailer released its annual list of top e-tailers of 2013 and several surprising -- if not shocking -- names ranked high based on their mobile e-commerce strength.

eBay's Retail Revolution Is a Game-Changer

eBay is changing retail just as surely as it changed e-tail. Three new game-changing initiatives offer compelling reasons to buy the stock.

Is Kate Spade Ready to Rumble or Tumble?

Fifth & Pacific has sold off two lagging divisions for cash to concentrate on its hot high-end division, Kate Spade. Is the good news of a slimmed down company baked in, or is the company ready to take on Michael Kors and Coach?

Why Women Should Embrace Wall Street

Studies have shown women investors perform better in the long term, so why do young women still fear Wall Street?

Teen Fox Picks Hot Stocks... Interested?

Seventeen year old actress Rachel Fox has been outperforming the market for almost two years and her blog features stocks that her generation loves. Should you love them, too?

5 Huge Reasons This Hotel Stock Is Hot Again

Hotelier Marriott is trading at 52-week highs and for five good reasons, chief among them international growth. How does the company compare to Wyndham Worldwide and Intercontinental Hotels Group?