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John Bromels

John Bromels


John has found investing to be more interesting and profitable than collectible trading card games. He seeks growth and value stocks in the U.S., in Germany, and beyond!

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3 Dividend Stocks That Pay You More Than Pepsi Does

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Who Was Nikola Tesla, and Why Are Electric Vehicle Companies Naming Themselves After Him?

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Top 5 Energy Stocks That Could Go Bankrupt in 2020

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Is Plug Power Stock a Buy?

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3 Attractive Dividend Stocks Whose Dividends Could Double

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Expert Roundtable: 5 Stocks Worth Buying Even If the Market Crashes Again

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Top Proxy Advisor Opposes Tesla Board Chair's Re-Election Bid

The company has "significant concerns" about using Tesla shares as collateral.

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Don't Waste Your Money on Penny Stocks; These 3 Stocks Are Better Buys

If you like high-risk stocks with the potential for a big payout, check out these top picks.

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Is Warren Buffett's Insurance Business at Risk From 2020's Tragedies?

Berkshire Hathaway specializes in business insurance. Will vandalism and quarantines pose a threat?

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Tesla Loses Top Exec Who Led the Company's Chinese Expansion

Robin Ren confirmed rumors that he had departed the automaker.

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Why These 3 Top Medical Tech Companies Rose More Than 12% in May

Wall Street is looking forward to a return to normalcy in the healthcare sector.

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Why These 3 Oil Stocks Popped More Than 10% in May

Things aren't as bad as expected for oil and gas companies...yet.

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Why These Homebuilder Stocks Soared More Than 25% in May

Despite terrible housing data, the stock market is bullish on residential real estate.

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Why Shares of Nordson Rose 17.1% in May

The manufacturing company put out better-than-expected earnings.

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Why These 3 Online Car Sales Companies Jumped More Than 11% in May

More people on the go means more demand for theory.

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Why Shares of Darling Ingredients Jumped 13.2% in May

Solid earnings and restaurant reopenings combined to boost the stock.

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Why These 3 Top Housing Stocks Jumped More Than 15% in May

Two big trends combined to help these companies.

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Why I Sold This Oil Stock, Even Though Crude Prices Are Rising

The damage is done, so why stick around for the aftermath?

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Former UAW President Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement and Racketeering as Corruption Probe Continues

United Auto Workers' Gary Jones now faces up to 5 years in prison.

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Now's the Time to Buy These Stocks

These top picks have low prices and good prospects to outperform the broader market over the long term.