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Amy Ho

Amy Ho


Medical provider. Emergency medicine. Interest in biotech. Background in online retail.

Recent articles

Will New Regulations on E-Cigs Hurt Big Tobacco?

New regulatory proposals on tobacco questionable on both passage and impact

Sarepta's Still a Gamble, Even With FDA Reversal

Will Sarepta finally get approval for eteplirsen?

Can Merck & Co. Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Dethrone Gilead Sciences Inc. for Hep C Combo?

Merck plays catch-up while Bristol-Myers looks global.

What's Next for Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Durata Therapeutics, Inc.?

Two drugs are hot on Pfizer’s tail.

Does Amgen Have the Next Lipitor on Its Hands?

Amgen leads the PCSK9-blocker class of cholesterol drugs.

FDA Review Incoming: Will Mannkind Finally Succeed?

Could a third rejection may be looming for MNKD inhalable insulin?

Trouble Ahead for Gilead and Sovaldi?

Idenix files suit atop $9 billion sales estimates for Gilead's Sovaldi

How Will This Latest Setback Affect Eli Lilly?

Concerns over Boerhringer Ingelheim plant delay approval of key diabetes agent

Cancer Immunotherapy Race Stays Unpredictable

Merck, Bristol-Myers and Roche head the race to pioneer PD-1 therapies.

Is This Drug Enough To Revive Hope in Eli Lilly's Pipeline?

Eli Lilly struggles to gain approval and regain diabetes market share.

Why Would Roche Return to the Antibiotics Market?

Roche’s new deal with Discuva marks major private sector commitment to antibiotic development

Bristol-Myers Closing in on Gilead in Hepatitis C Race

New breakthrough designation could help Bristol-Myers compete more quickly with market-leader Gilead.

Gilead Combination Hepatitis C Filing Solidifies Its Leadership

AbbVie and Bristol-Myers unlikely to catch Gilead in race for oral hep C combination therapy

AstraZeneca Struggles to Meet Expectations

CEO Pascal Soriot is fighting an uphill battling winning investors on pipeline.

Antidepressant R&D Takes Another Hit with J&J

Multiple approaches to depression treatment fail trials

Companies Limp Towards a Duchenne Treatment – Is There Hope of a Finish Line?

2014 starts a dismal year for Duchenne prospects by Sarepta, Prosensa, PTC and Retrophin

AbbVie's Challenge to Gilead in Hepatitis C Therapies

New clinical data from AbbVie spice up hepatitis C market and prospects for the company

Could Ariad Be Set for a Comeback?

Ariad's troubled drug Iclusig undergoes an official return to market.

Fierce Competition in the Diabetes Drug Market

GSK, Eli Lilly and Sanofi fight for already-crowded diabetes market share

Roche's Schizophrenia Drug Fails Phase III Trials, but Is Not Yet Scrapped

Well-diversified and restructured Roche handles a minor bitopertin setback.

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