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Magic Johnson Enters the NFT World With Top Shot

NBA Top Shot prepares to release a collection of Magic Johnson NFTs.

A miner working at an underground mine.

Why Peabody Energy Stock Zoomed This Week and Could Run Higher

The business environment is conducive for the coal stock.

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Why Dutch Bros Is Soaring 34% This Week

The drive-thru coffee shop is brewing up exceptional gains.

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Why Nordstrom Stock Was Up This Week

Upscale department stores are doing just fine in this economy.

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Why Macy's Popped 27.3% This Week

The legacy retailer posted solid Q1 results.

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Bitcoin Dips Below $29,000 Again. Should You Buy?

Try to keep your eyes on the long-term horizon.

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Why Nvidia Stock Jumped Another 3.5% Today

Some investors think the stock is a buy right now after the recent earnings report.

Why Best Buy Stock Surged More Than 10% This Week

Earnings results were better than investors feared.


Polkadot Bucks Trend, Surging Higher This Morning on These Catalysts

Why is this token zigging when other tokens are zagging today?


Why Nikola Shares Are Popping This Week

Nikola shares look to be in a bit of a short squeeze after short interest spiked in May.

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Elrond (EGLD) Dropped 17% Today and Was Down 27% the Past Week. Is It a Buy?

Elrond is a speedy, smart contract blockchain network with high throughput and low transaction fees -- at a very low price right now.


Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Friday

One analyst thinks there's about 50% upside for the electric-car maker's shares over the next 12 months.

Cannabis, man in greenhouse

Why Canopy Growth Stock Is Tanking Today

The Canadian cannabis producer reported disappointing quarterly results.


Why Apple Stock Is Rising Today

Apple investors latched onto some positive inflation news.

investor considers papers while sitting near books

3 Unstoppable Stocks That Are Higher Than Before the Market Correction

Market downturns don't affect stocks equally.

Vaccine - little girl

Why Moderna Stock Is Jumping Today

The vaccine stock is benefiting from an overall market bounce.


Why Zscaler Stock Popped Today

Strong quarterly results and management raising its full-year outlook boosted the stock.

Football player leaping to make a touchdown.

Dick's Stock Moves Goalposts, Declares Touchdown

Compared to 2019, Dick's results are fantastic -- and its stock looks cheap.

Worried man looking at his compauter.

Does This 1 Number Change Upstart's Investment Thesis?

While this number is concerning, it is not a reason to sell yet.


Macy's Stock Is Soaring, But It's Still On Sale

Though it has yet to fully earn the confidence of investors, the retailer is moving in the right direction.

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