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6 Features to Consider for Your In-Ground Pool

[Updated: Mar 03, 2021 ] May 26, 2020 by Maurie Backman
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Installing an in-ground swimming pool is a huge investment, but if you have children or live someplace where the weather is warm for most of the year, it can be very well worth the money and add value to your property. While you could install a basic pool and call it a day, there are certain features you ought to consider adding on. Here are a few you may want to include in your budget.

1. A tanning ledge

A tanning ledge is essentially a separate shallow area in your pool that's conducive to sitting out and catching some rays. It can also double as a kiddie pool for younger children, thereby potentially making your setup safer or more suitable for toddlers who are timid in the water.

2. Pool benches

Sometimes, grown-ups and children alike need to take a load off while swimming. Built-in seating is a great feature to add to your pool, and one that you’ll no doubt appreciate on those days when your kids want to keep going and you need a break.

3. A waterfall

Waterfalls not only look nice, but they're fun for kids to swim through when the weather is exceptionally hot. You can opt for a simple waterfall or one that cascades through several parts of your pool area. The more complex the design, though, the more you can expect to spend.

4. Lights

Though you may already have lighting features in your backyard that illuminate the space at night, having actual pool lights will make it even easier to see while you're in the water. The result? A safer environment for nighttime swims. You can even install lights that change colors to make every night a party.

5. A water slide

If you have children, a water slide is a great addition to your swimming pool. You'll need to put that slide at the deeper end of your pool for safety purposes, but it'll make those summer afternoons even more fun. And there's no rule saying adults can't enjoy a water slide, too.

6. An automatic pool cover

The ability to cover your pool easily will help retain chlorine and keep dirt and debris out of the water. It can also give you peace of mind if you have children or pets at home and you don't want to worry about them getting into the pool at the wrong time. The only downside of an automatic pool cover is that it can be expensive. The exact cost will hinge on the size and shape of your pool, but expect a price tag of several thousand dollars to start. That said, it could save you a lot of maintenance over time.

If you're going to put in a pool, you might as well enjoy it to the fullest. These features will make your pool an even safer and more comfortable place to hang out.

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