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Have a Raised Deck? How to Maximize the Space Below It

[Updated: Mar 03, 2021 ] May 24, 2020 by Maurie Backman
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Installing a deck in your backyard is a great way to add value to your home while also making it easier to enjoy outdoor meals and gatherings with family, friends, and neighbors. But not all decks are close to the ground. Depending on the setup of your home, you may find that it makes sense to build a deck well off the ground, in which case you'll be left with some space underneath it.

The question is: What should you do with that space? Here are some options to consider:

1. Build a patio

You may be inclined to write off the space under a raised deck as unusable, but actually, there's no need to do so. While grass underneath a deck may not thrive due to limited sun exposure, you can install a patio under your deck and use it for additional seating space. That patio can be made of simple concrete, or you can choose a higher-end material for it, like stone, that goes well with your deck from an aesthetic standpoint.

2. Build a shed

Sheds are a smart idea for many homeowners. If you have a lot of tools, adding a shed gives you lots of storage space, thereby eliminating clutter from your basement or garage. But if there's one drawback to sheds, it's that they can sometimes be an eyesore. The solution? Stick one underneath your deck, where it will be out of the way and less noticeable.

3. Do nothing, and use that space as a shaded play area

On a warm summer's day, there's certainly something to be said for escaping the heat. The beauty of having an above-ground deck is that the space underneath it is shaded. As such, you don't necessarily have to do anything specific with that space. Rather, you can use it as a play area if you have children so that they're guarded from the sun and heat. Move some toys under the deck, or invest in a small sandbox they can play in if you don't mind the potential ensuing mess (think sand being dragged into your home). There are plenty of options to explore without spending much, or any, money.

Of course, if you're really looking to hide the space under your deck, you could always try closing it off with a trellis or screen. Doing so could actually add a nice aesthetic element to your outdoor setup. But why give up that space when there are plenty of things you can actually do with it? Whether you choose to put in a patio, house a shed there, or take advantage of a shaded play area, be sure to explore your options before writing off the idea of putting the space beneath your deck to good use.

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