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Should You Get a Second Refrigerator?

May 16, 2020 by Maurie Backman

Before my husband and I had children, we were avid cooks (we still are). Yet the idea of a second refrigerator never crossed our minds, as we simply made the fridge space we had work. Once our family expanded and our children got a little older, we realized a second fridge was a must. Otherwise, we'd need to hit the supermarket every other day to stay adequately stocked.

It's been a number of years since we purchased our second fridge, and it's truly been a game-changer. But is a second fridge worth it for you?

Benefits of getting a second fridge

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a second fridge for your home. First of all, having one may allow you to shop more efficiently. If you have extra storage space, you may be able to shop for a larger family just once every week or so, which saves you time. And a second fridge gives you the option to buy certain items in bulk, thereby slashing your grocery bill.

Having a second fridge may also help you host larger gatherings without stress; you don't have to worry about running out of room if you need to cook enough food to feed a crowd. And a second fridge could serve as a backup in case your main fridge fails. In fact, one of the things that prompted us to get a second fridge was the time our main fridge died and we wound up throwing away well over $100 in food in the absence of a place to store it.

Drawbacks of getting a second fridge

On the other hand, buying a second fridge means not only paying for another appliance, but having an extra appliance to worry about breaking or maintaining. Remember, you can buy a lower-end fridge for $500 or less, but you might spend a few hundred dollars every few years if that fridge starts having issues.

Also, a second fridge could translate into higher electricity bills. This especially holds true if you don't choose the most efficient model in an effort to keep your costs down.

Additionally, a second fridge may actually be conducive to food waste. Once you know you have that second fridge, you may be tempted to overbuy when you visit the store, which means you risk throwing away food that expires before you get a chance to eat it. My husband and I admittedly fell into that trap when we first got our second fridge, though we've since learned to shop more judiciously.

Finally, a second fridge takes up space. And you can't put one just anywhere. Many homeowners put a second fridge in the garage only to find that it's the wrong climate and environment for one. The result? Lots of issues. Furthermore, sticking a fridge that's meant for indoor use in a garage will often void whatever warranty it comes with, so if you're interested in a second fridge, think about whether there's room inside your home for one, like down in your basement.

Should you get a second fridge?

A second fridge could make shopping and food storage easier and more convenient, and if you have a larger family, it often makes sense to get one. But if you're on the fence, ask yourself how often you really run out of fridge space. If it only happens on occasion, like when it's your turn to host Thanksgiving, you may want to hold off and make do with a single fridge -- and save yourself the money and hassle of having yet another appliance running in your home.

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