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Retirement Articles

We cover all the important topics to help you meet your retirement goals: Social Security, 401ks, IRAs, saving & planning for retirement.

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How Heavily Should You Rely on Social Security?

Will Social Security really pay all of your bills in retirement? Here's what you need to know.

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Are You Eligible for the $3,895 Max Social Security Benefit?

Here's how to determine whether you'll receive the maximum benefit amount.

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Will Saving in an IRA Alone Shortchange You in Retirement?

No 401(k)? Here's what you need to know about your retirement prospects.

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These 4 Dividend ETFs Are a Retiree's Best Friend

Dividends often provide larger income streams than bonds these days, but there are trade-offs involved.

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Sorry to Say: You Probably Shouldn't Claim Social Security at 62

Think you'll file for benefits as soon as you're allowed to? You may want to hold off for one very big reason.

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Older Americans Are Missing Out on This Valuable Retirement Savings Plan

Are you missing out, too?

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Are You Stuck With the Same Social Security Benefit for Life?

Can you get more out of Social Security once you file? Here's what you need to know.

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Should You Plan to Retire at 62?

On a global level, 62 seems to be a desirable retirement age. But is it the right age for you?

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Can You Retire a Millionaire on a $60,000 Salary?

Many people aim to retire wealthy. But is that possible when your earnings are only average?

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Is Social Security Really Going Broke?

Is the program's impending financial doom just a rumor, or reality?

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3 Reasons Social Security Isn't as Unreliable as You Think

Don't be so down on Social Security. It's not going away anytime soon.

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Why Is Everyone so Worried About Social Security?

Many people are concerned that the program will let them down. Are they overreacting?

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How Will Your Social Security Benefits Stack Up to the $1,557 Average?

Are you on track to earn a higher-than-average benefit amount?

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Latest Inflation Data Points to Big Social Security Raise in 2022

Seniors could see a huge boost to their monthly benefits next year.

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3 Reasons Claiming Social Security at 70 Could Be a Mistake

You might be better off filing for benefits sooner rather than later.

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Are You Making the Most of Your 401(k)?

If you're fortunate enough to have a 401(k), it pays to ensure that it's really working for you.

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Claiming Social Security at 62? You May Need to Rethink That

Filing for benefits as early as possible doesn't always make sense.

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How to Retire With $2 Million on a Teacher's Salary

By starting early and investing consistently, teachers have a reasonable path to a potential multimillion-dollar nest egg.

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Why a 401(k) Isn't the Wonderful Savings Tool You Think It Is

Though 401(k) are very popular, they may not be the best savings option for you.

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How to Beat the Average $1,557 Monthly Social Security Benefit

Here's how to score a higher Social Security paycheck than the typical retiree.