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Jake Mann

Jake Mann


Jake Mann covers sports, economics and politics for the Motley Fool.

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What’s an NBA All-Star Game Worth to Charlotte?

The NBA might allow Charlotte to host the 2017 All-Star Game, but a few upgrades must be made first. Should the city pursue the opportunity?


Why Mark Cuban’s Anti-NFL Argument Is Flawed

He's one of the most successful businessmen in the sports world, but Mark Cuban's view of the NFL is severely flawed.

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What Do Television-Inspired 5Ks Tell Us About the Obstacle Race Industry?

Mud runs might draw the biggest crowds, but new, TV-inspired 5Ks are gaining momentum.


Why the David Ortiz Contract Extension Was a Smart Decision by the Red Sox

David Ortiz has a new contract extension with the defending World Series champions. Despite what some critics say, it is the perfect move.


Why Putting ‘Chelsea Lately’ on Netflix Is a Horrible Idea

Some people think the streaming video platform should sign Chelsea Handler. I'm not one of them -- unless significant changes are made to her product


What ‘Star Wars: Attack Squadrons’ Means for the Galaxy Far, Far Away

LucasArts and Disney are developing a new star-fighting game, and it's good news for Star Wars fans.


Why Anheuser-Busch Is Right: MLB Opening Day Should be a National Holiday

MLB Opening Day is less than two weeks away, and one company wants to change how Americans celebrate it.


3 Ways Quiznos Can Fix its Biggest Problem

Quiznos is in need of an overhaul. Where should the sandwich maker start?


Should Employers Ban the NCAA Basketball Tournament at Work?

Millions of Americans watch the NCAA Tournament during work every year, and potentially, billions of dollars are at stake.


How Much Is an NCAA Basketball Tournament Bid Worth?

Every year, millions of dollars change hands during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Which teams make the most?


Why Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Should Survive Until at Least 2016

Marvel's superhero TV series has drawn lower ratings than some predicted, but that's O.K.


Technology is Reshaping Baseball, And It’s Not Just Moneyball That’s Responsible

Baseball is a complex sport with many variables, something a handful of clubs are using to their advantage.

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How Much Did Marcus Smart Cost Himself by Coming Back to School?

College basketball's best athletes can make a lot of money if they're chosen in the NBA draft. One prospect, though, has likely lost out on millions because he came back to school an extra year.

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Lessons From NFL Free Agency: Examining the Good and the Bad Business Moves

As free agents dart between the league's 32 teams, some have made smart business moves, while others have dropped the ball.


Will New Streaming Service NFL Now Help Boost the League’s Online Presence?

The National Football League will introduce a new streaming video service next season called NFL Now. What's the real objective here?


3 Reasons ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Could Be Marvel’s Next Billion-Dollar Movie

The next "Captain America" film is right around the corner, and despite its critics, I believe it can surpass a billion dollars at the box office.


What Does Rashard Mendenhall’s Early Retirement Reveal About the Business of Pro Football?

Rashard Mendenhall has retired from the NFL in his prime. The rarity of this move demands a deeper exploration into the current state of football.


What’s the Moon Worth?

The moon isn't made of cheese, it's made of something far more valuable.


Why Do Nike’s New Buccaneers and U.S. Soccer Jerseys Have the Sports World Buzzing?

Like clockwork, Nike continues to revamp its jerseys. Do the latest upgrades have any special significance?


3 Reasons ‘Jurassic World’ Is Headed in the Right Direction

The fourth Jurassic Park film is set to hit theaters next summer, and early details surrounding the dino-drama are promising.