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Theodore Kim

Theodore Kim


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DISH Network wireless

DISH Network Is Hoping to Join the Communication Services Big League

DISH wants to leverage its deal with New T-Mobile to become an eventual winner in this broad new investing sector.


GE Stock Has Been Hot Lately, but the Company Is Not

General Electric has rallied over investor optimism about the GE Aviation unit. But that rally is likely to end.


Continued Turbulence Makes It Hard for FedEx to Deliver for Investors in 2020

Coming off a disastrous fiscal second-quarter earnings report, FedEx stock faces considerable headwinds for 2020.


Bed Bath & Beyond – Back in Business, or Back in Trouble?

The home goods retailer has bounced back a bit after a management purge, including a new CEO. Is this the start of a turnaround?


Punching Well Above its Weight: T-Mobile Puts up a Fight

In a tough market, T-Mobile emerges as the fiercest fighter


Investors Bail on Uber... Right Behind the Founders

Great technology alone no longer drives share price


Microsoft Moves into New Highs: Not Your Granddaddy’s Desktop

Success in the cloud drives Microsoft shares higher


Virgin Sells Investors a Moonshot

If you want to invest in human spaceflight, this is your only option.


Alphabet Enters Banking – Betting Big on Millennial Market

But they aren't going it alone.

GettyImages-1135561289 (1)

Grubhub in Freefall – In a Free For All market

Competition sends Grubhub shares plummeting

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