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Andrés Cardenal

Andrés Cardenal


Andres Cardenal, CFA is a tenacious researcher of the best investment opportunities around the world. Andres is an economist and CFA Charterholder living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Naturally flavored.
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It's Official: The TV Industry Is Dying

Streaming and social media are killing the traditional TV industry -- and you can profit from this trend by investing accordingly.


How This Department Store Is Beating the Competition

In times when most competitors are facing declining sales and store closings, this smart department store is thriving thanks to its powerful business model.


3 Reasons to Buy IBM Stock

When considering growth opportunities in strategic imperatives, attractive valuation levels, and generous cash distributions, IBM stock looks like a strong candidate for investors.


The Bullish Case for MercadoLibre Looks Stronger Than Ever

The e-commerce leader in Latin America is delivering booming growth under difficult conditions, and that says a lot about MercadoLibre and its fundamental strengths.


Coach Earnings: Making Progress

The fashion retailer is moving in the right direction, and turnaround efforts are showing results.


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The tech titan's stock is attractively valued, and growth could improve in the coming quarters.


3 Reasons to Love Growth Stocks

Investing in companies with superior growth can be a powerful strategy for market-beating returns.


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2 Stocks With Jaw-Dropping Growth Potential

These two companies are not only growing rapidly now -- they also have a lot of room for expansion over the years and decades ahead.

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Is Now the Right Time to Buy Las Vegas Sands Stock?

It looks like demand is starting to improve in Macau, and Las Vegas Sands stock is attractively valued.


3 Index Funds to Buy in August

Our contributors take a look at three index funds in promising areas such as emerging markets, cancer immunotherapy, and banks.

PYPL pic

PayPal Joins Forces With Visa: Smart Move

PayPal is putting long-term growth opportunities above short-term profit margins.

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Why Alphabet or Wal-Mart Could Purchase eBay

Both from a financial and strategic perspective, eBay looks like an interesting acquisition target for players such as Alphabet and Wal-Mart.


The 1 Stock I'd Buy Right Now

Considering its long-term prospects, financial performance, and valuation, Disney stock looks like a buying opportunity.