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Chad Henage

Chad Henage


Chad is a self professed tech nerd and has been investing for over 20 years. He follows nearly everything in the technology and consumer goods sectors, and is a huge fan of the Peter Lynch investing style. He has over 1,000 published articles about stocks and investing. You can follow Chad on Twitter at @chad_henage13.

Recent articles

Wrestling masked wrestler with chair

WWE Offers Hard-Hitting Returns With Or Without a Buyout

The rumor mill seems to believe that the wrestling giant could be for sale. But investors don't have to pin their hopes on a deal getting done.

two women mining rig

Investors Who Worry About Bitcoin Should Remember These 3 Things

Bitcoin is still down about 40% from its recent high, but there are several reasons to believe the future is golden.

Crypto mining rig for DOGE

3 Crypto Dogs To Avoid and What To Buy Instead

"Investing" in dog-based crypto may be all the rage, but will investors be left holding the bag?

Red Bitcoin image

Why Coinbase's Slow Start Spells Opportunity

With shares down significantly from their IPO price, long-term investors could be witnessing an opportunity that may not come again.

Mobile gaming tournament

3 Reasons Investors Should Worry About Skillz's $9 Billion Valuation

Without proprietary games of its own, investors may want to avoid doubling down on this stock.

Pharmacy Delivery PIC

Why Pharmacy Sales Could Be Amazon's Prescription for Huge Growth

The online giant has a three-pronged plan to disrupt drugstores.

Getty TV pic

Will AT&T's Video Business Drag Down Its Dividend?

As the telecom giant mulls a big asset sale, investors want to know whether they can count on its payout.

Athletic Shoes PIC

Why Investors Are Underestimating Nike's Digital Transformation

As its digital apps drive revenues, investors might be surprised at the athleticwear giant's future potential.

Streaming video

Why a Coronavirus Vaccine Won't Hurt Netflix

Don't throw this baby out with the bathwater.

5G image

How Wireless Carriers May Be Guaranteeing the iPhone 12's Success

The idea that tens of millions would get their first 5G smartphone at no cost seemed crazy, until the wireless industry decided to offer the iPhone 12 for free.

Athletic shoes

Skechers: a Growth Stock COVID-19 Can't Keep Down

Skechers is a quality growth story but the market is missing the forest for the trees.

Cell phone image

Why Verizon Is Betting Big on Prepaid Wireless

Verizon is paying as much as $7 billion to acquire 21 million new prepaid customers. The numbers suggest Verizon could come out way ahead.

Video streaming pic

AT&T Can't Afford To Keep HBO Max Off Roku and Fire TV

HBO Max is a streaming service being marketed to 30% of the U.S., it's time for AT&T to realize it needs Roku and Fire TV.

Football image

Do These Millionaires Know Something About Under Armour You Don't?

Under Armour's turnaround has been years in the making, about 40 hedge funds think the time to own the shares is now.


Microsoft's Ultimate Plan for This $200 Billion Industry

Microsoft's Game Pass Ultimate subscription is the company's shot to end the next-generation console war before it really begins.

Donuts and coffee

Dunkin' Doubles Down on Digital

Dunkin' is focused on better locations, better sales, and digital marketing, will the shares perk up in response?

Verizon 5G Home

How 5G Cord-Cutting Could Help Verizon Eat Cable's Lunch

Cord cutting isn't exactly new, but Verizon isn't going after the cord you're thinking of.

Netflix streaming PIC

How Netflix Could Turn $2 Into $1.7 Billion

Netflix is the tiger king of the streaming world, and it may be poised to ask subscribers to pay more for its superior content.

Snapchat social media PIC

Snapchat Is Quietly Building an Impressive Video Business

A hard-to-reach demographic, fast-growing video business, and improving cash flow? Surprise, it's Snapchat!

UA sporting goods

3 Reasons to Avoid Under Armour Stock

Just when it seemed the athleticwear company might be getting back on its feet, management runs a play we've seen before.