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Chad Henage

Chad Henage


Chad is a self professed tech nerd and has been investing for over 20 years. He follows nearly everything in the technology and consumer goods sectors, and is a huge fan of the Peter Lynch investing style. He has over 1,000 published articles about stocks and investing. You can follow Chad on Twitter at @chad_henage13.

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Why Walmart+ Isn't Investors' Silver Bullet Against Amazon

Walmart hopes that Walmart+ will generate millions, if not billions, in recurring revenue. Too bad the company didn't think of this sooner.

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3 Reasons Twitter's Stock Rally Could Come to an End

Twitter has grown its users significantly, but that doesn't mean they'll stick around.

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3 Reasons Lululemon's Mirror Acquisition Could End Badly

What if the new norm is only for now?

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Why Dunkin’ Brands Closing 450 Stores is Good News for Investors

Dunkin' Brands plan to close 450 stores sounds bad. But in the long-term, this could actually help sales growth.

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How Amazon’s Move Into Automated Vehicles Could Fuel Even More Growth

The online retail giant's acquisition of Zoox is the company's next big bet to cut billions in costs.

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WWE Stock's Recovery Requires Big Changes

The stock is nearly 60% off its all-time high, even with television deals in place for at least the next three years.

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Forget eBay, Amazon Will Be the Long-Term Winner From Lockdown Orders

Some people may think that all online companies will benefit from stay-at-home orders, but this is truly a case of the strong get stronger.


3 Myths About Console Gaming That We Need to Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Console gaming is actually strong and Microsoft looks set for success.


Is CenturyLink's 9.9% Dividend Yield Safe?

CenturyLink investors are probably wondering if this is 2019 all over again or if this time they can count on this high-yield stock.

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AT&T Wants to Take the Streaming War to the MAX

AT&T is ready to show Netflix what a deep-pocketed company with a broad swath of content can do with a streaming service.

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The 5G Dream Could Turn Into a Nightmare for Verizon

Many believe Verizon will extend its 4G lead into the new 5G world. Unfortunately, there are factors that suggest Big Red's 5G dream may turn into a nightmare for investors.

ViacomCBS Could Be the Cheapest Streaming Stock You’ll Ever See

ViacomCBS is cheap, has a huge yield, and seems to be a dark horse in the streaming wars. Long-term investors should use this opportunity to add to their positions.

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Amazon is Moving Beyond the Store

Amazon Web Services gets a lot of press, yet there is much more to the company's services growth. Long-term investors should take advantage of the short-term downdraft in the shares to snap up the stock.


Facebook's Growth Is Slowing Down, Yet the Stock Has Never Looked Like a Better Value

Facebook stock recently took a 10% haircut after earnings. With a cloud over the company's future, investors have an opportunity to snap up shares at a solid valuation.

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3 Myths of the Cloud Vs. Console Gaming War

"Cloud gaming is the future and offers a better value than buying a console." This is just one of the myths that gamers and investors alike need to squash right away.


Is Square's Love for Bitcoin Helping or Hurting?

CEO Jack Dorsey believes in the cryptocurrency's potential, but its impact on the company's margins is something investors need to think about.

Comcast Is Ready to Flex Its Muscle

The cable provider has two promising ways to fortify its Internet subscription business in streaming video and mobile.

AT&T's New Wireless Plans Suggest Ma Bell is Ready to Turn Heads

Ma Bell is taking steps to fortify its most important division.

3 Reasons Why Outerwall Is in Trouble

Say what you want, Outerwall's business is 86% in trouble.

Streaming Video Is Changing: Here Are 3 Reasons to Bet on Netflix

Netflix moving away from what brought it to the dance is actually a good thing for investors.