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Ask Millionacres: Should I Move During Coronavirus?

Apr 28, 2020 by Tara Mastroeni
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Q: I signed a lease at the beginning of February for a six-month rental beginning in May. It is for a rental in a condo in Greenwich, Connecticut. I have a cosigner, and I've given a one-month security deposit. I contacted the Realtor after the coronavirus started to spread and asked him how to handle my situation. He said I should contact the landlord and that movers are essential businesses. I told him most of the things that I was looking forward to using in Greenwich had been shut down. The stores and the restaurants are only doing takeout service. My Realtor said there were still a lot of places to walk to in the area. Afterward, the owner of the condo unit emailed me with the name of a mover in the area. I am over 60. According to the governors, older people that are not essential workers are supposed to stay home and stay safe. I want the condo rental but I do not think it would be wise for me to move at this time. Could you please advise me how to handle my situation. Thank you, Sue

Hi, Sue,

The decision of whether to move at this time is a personal one. Home-related services, including moving services, are considered essential businesses in Connecticut, which means that you are allowed to make a move if you choose to do so. That said, you need to take into account your financial situation, your health, and your own comfort level.

If you do decide to move now, the American Moving and Storage Association recommends taking precautions such as using newly purchased boxes for packing and keeping masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer on hand for moving day. It's also a good idea to call your movers to see what steps they have taken to protect themselves and their customers. Be sure to let them know ahead of time if you or anyone else in your household has recently been sick.

On the other hand, if you feel that moving is too much of a risk for you right now, the best thing to do is to call your new landlord and explain the situation. You may be able to work out a later move-in date.

However, be aware that since you've already signed a lease, it's very likely that you and your cosigner will still be expected to pay rent for your new condo starting in May, regardless of whether or not you've decided to move in.

Best of luck with your move, should you choose to make it, and stay safe!

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