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Stephen Lovely

Stephen Lovely


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3 Reasons Why Quibi Failed: Will Other Streaming Services Be Next?

Quibi's failure wasn't entirely unexpected, but its problems weren't entirely unique, either.


3 Key Ways Netflix Has Changed Its Content Strategy

The company's content strategy has long been vital -- and has long been evolving.

a baseball in a glove and a baseball bat lying on grass

What Is the Role for Regional Sports Networks in a Streaming Future?

Sports are key in live TV, but regional sports networks may find themselves squeezed out as things evolve.

cord cutting

What Will TV Look Like When Streaming Kills the Cable Bundle?

Here are some tips on how to spot a direct-to-consumer revolution.


Another AT&T Streaming Service May Be Doomed

What's familiar and what's different about the likely demise of AT&T WatchTV.


3 Threats to YouTube's Dominance

YouTube is on top of its niche, but it has competition.

Couple with remote

Are There Too Many Ad-Supported Streaming Services?

How much is too much in AVOD?


Why Fox Needed to Acquire Tubi to Compete in Streaming

There's value in AVOD and Fox Corp. didn't want to miss out on the growth opportunity.


HBO Max's Quiet Launch

HBO Max is live, but not on major platforms like Roku and Amazon. That has investors wondering what's going on.

video game shooter console getty 6.2.17

5 Things to Know About Amazon's First Video Game Release

Amazon has entered the video game industry's "battle royale."

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AT&T TV Now Returns to the Roku Platform

AT&T's live TV streaming service is finally back on the most popular streaming platform.

Podcasts Spotify

Spotify Lands the Rights to Joe Rogan's Podcast

The streaming audio platform further expands its podcast empire with the addition of the comedian's popular show.


4 Reasons Why Streaming Is Faring Better Than Cable During the COVID Pandemic

TV is booming, but not every company in the TV business is benefiting.


Apple TV+ Is Getting a Quarantine Boost

The company's SVOD solution is getting more viewership out of the widespread lockdowns.


Where's the 'Rain Check' for Missed Sports on TV?

When a big chunk of subscriber payments go toward nothing at all, who -- if anyone -- gets a refund?


1 Stat About Verizon That Should Scare AT&T

IPTV is not immune to the cord-cutting trend.


Fandango's Vudu Deal and the Digital Media Marketplace

Tech's competition for digital video sales and rentals does a bit of consolidating thanks to Walmart.


Sports Broadcasts Are Somehow Still Getting Pricier

Absence makes the fees grow higher and that could have consequences for pay-TV and streaming industries.


After Dragging Its Feet, Apple Music Finally Gets a Web App

Apple Music is now, however reluctantly, in your browser


What Sort of Hit Is "Tiger King," Really?

A chicken-and-egg problem for Netflix.

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