Whether you are for or against digital currency, there is no denying that Bitcoin is making headlines. Created in 2009, Bitcoin is becoming a preferred choice of currency. There is no bank to go through, no transaction fees, and your purchase remains anonymous.

Sure, you can purchase Alpaca socks and pizza with Bitcoin. Even Overstock.com and Gyft will happily accept your Bitcoins. But could you purchase some serious high-ticket items? The answer is, overwhelmingly, yes! There a few people that have put away some serious Bitcoin scratch. And it all, even digital currency, adds up.

Here are 7 surprising big ticket services and merchandise you can purchase with Bitcoin.

1. $100,000 Tesla
For 91 Bitcoins, or $100,000, a Florida resident purchased the all-electric Tesla Model S with digital currency. Welcome to the future.


Getting the most out of your Bitcoins is also timing. Bitcoin value has been known to vary. The buyer, tracking the value, noticed a spike and locked in the Bitcoin value with the dealership.

2. A Luxury Apartment
Does a luxury apartment in Nice sound good? Or, what about relocating to New York City?


A home away from home, a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment rental in Nice comes equipped with Internet and a wine fridge. Their website's homepage even proudly features the "Bitcoin Accepted Here" logo. If you are looking for something more permanent, you can purchase a SoHo Condo. The owner will only accept Bitcoin.

3. A Stradivarius Violin
One of the most coveted instruments in the string family was purchased using Bitcoin.

Flickr | https://flic.kr/p/F886T

In a multimillion dollar private transaction, wealth management firm, LeoGroup, purchased the Rolls Royce of instruments: an 18th century Stradivarius violin. The firm originally planned to purchase the violin with gold, but went with Bitcoin instead to go around a logistics issue.

4. Legal Representation
Got yourself into some trouble? Better call Rose Law Group.

Flickr | https://flic.kr/p/4HKp22

Ryan Hurley, an Arizona lawyer and Rose Law Group partner, represents a few Bitcoin millionaires. Hurley convinced the top partner at Rose Law Group to accept Bitcoin in exchange for legal services rendered.

5. A College Education
Get that mining software ready in high school. Study hard, assemble a trustworthy mining team, and stash those Bitcoins away. But not for car or fancy home.

Flickr | https://flic.kr/p/8Nsk3B

If you attend Cumbria College, you can pay for your college education with Bitcoin. Cumbria is the first public university in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment for tuition.

6. A Trip to Space
Leave it to Richard Branson to offer a, literally, out of this world experience for the cost of 323 Bitcoins (or $250,000).

Flickr | https://flic.kr/p/cJDRwf

Virgin Galactic, gearing up to be the world's first commercial space airline, invites Bitcoin customers to reserve their seat for takeoff.

The road for Bitcoin, while increasingly popular,  has been a bumpy one. Last month, The IRS ruled that Bitcoin is property and not currency. And The National Australia Bank announced they will be closing Bitcoin accounts. Although skeptics accuse businesses of jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon for marketing purposes, the list of Bitcoin merchants and supporters continues to grow.

Currently, over 20,000 business and charities accept Bitcoin through Bitpay. For those with deeper digital wallets, BitPremier offers luxury vacation rentals and a VIP Wimbledon experience package.

This article originally appeared on MyBankTracker.com.