When it comes to investments, stocks are the cream of the crop. Unlike other assets, like bonds and cash, stocks represent a financial interest in businesses that may prove to be extremely profitable.

We believe that stocks provide the best balance of risk and return. They've provided returns far in excess of what bonds and cash have given investors over time. And while stock investors can lose their entire investment if something goes wrong, they can also reap amazing profits -- if they find the best stocks for their money.

Stock Advisor
With the Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter, we aim to show you the best way to invest. We spend hundreds of hours researching the investments we recommend to you -- crunching numbers, interviewing corporate executives, learning business models, understanding industry competition, determining future growth projections, and more. We want to show you everything important about a company and its investment potential before you even think about buying a single share.

Know what you buy, and buy what you know -- that's what we believe successful investing is all about. And it's helping us and our readers significantly outpace the market. We want to make sure you're up to speed quickly, and ready to join us right away in beating the market.

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