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Natalie Walters

Natalie Walters


Natalie is a tech reporter for The Motley Fool. She previously reported on technology stocks for TheStreet in New York and on strategy for Business Insider in New York.

Recent articles


Why Amazon Is Celebrating the Box Office Success of Jordan Peele's "Us"

Amazon is going to win big on director Jordan Peele's appeal.


4 Facebook Executives Who Have Already Jumped Ship in 2019

This comes after Facebook lost a number of top executives in 2018.

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Inside Alibaba's New Futuristic Hotel

The Chinese e-commerce giant's FlyZoo Hotel looks like something out of "The Jetsons" TV show.

alibaba copy

Where Will Alibaba Be in 5 Years?

The Chinese company will celebrate its 20th anniversary in late 2019.


2 Numbers That Show Alibaba Is Dominating China Retail

Strong active user growth and Alipay have made Alibaba a force that not many can reckon with in China.

tim cook

Apple Likely to Tout 2 New Subscription Services at March 25 Event

The tech giant's long-anticipated news and video-streaming subscription services could go live this summer.

alibaba copy 3

How Alibaba Makes Its Money

Alibaba is a megacompany, but these are its top three moneymaking businesses.


Alibaba Building Youku to Be the Netflix of China

Like Netflix, Alibaba is spending heavily on original content to grow its streaming platform.


Alibaba's Cloud Business Is a Game-Changer

Alibaba's cloud revenue grew by a stunning 84% year-over-year.


Are We Past the Golden Era of iPhone Launches?

Apple's iPhone business is slowing down.

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Who Knew? Netflix Still Has 2.7 Million DVD-by-Mail Subscribers

The streaming giant made a $52 million profit from its DVD subscription program this past quarter.


Netflix U.S. Growth Is Slowing -- Will It Ever Hit Its Goal of 90 Million Subscribers?

Netflix has a long-term goal to hit up to 90 million U.S. subscribers.

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Alibaba Is About to End Its 10-Quarter Streak of Above 50% Revenue Growth

Alibaba will report its third-quarter earnings on Jan. 30.


3 Big Concerns for Netflix in 2019

Netflix's content is on fire, but the streaming service is spending a lot of money to generate the interest and awards.

apple tim cook copy

Apple Won't Report iPhone Unit Sales. Here Are 3 Things to Look for Instead

The number of iPhones sold was always a subject of hot debate.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 9.20.05 PM

Netflix Takes Its 2 Biggest Steps Yet Into Hollywood

Knock knock, Hollywood. It's Netflix.


Alibaba Earnings: What to Expect Amid China's Economic Slowdown

Investors who have grown used to blowout growth from the e-commerce giant should temper their expectations.


The Social Media Platforms That Hit 100 Million Users Fastest

Hint: Neither Facebook nor Instagram was the fastest.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 1.47.14 PM

Here's a List of the 7 Snap Execs Who've Jumped Ship in the Past Year

Snap's revolving door seems to be spinning faster and faster.

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Netflix Drops Biggest Price Hike in Its 12-Year History

Netflix will get over $1 billion in incremental revenue following the price hike.

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