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The Stock Market's Day of Reckoning Is Just 8 Days Away

What happens on January 27 could make 2021 another winning year -- or bring the next market crash.

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IRS to Redirect Some $600 Stimulus Payments That Went to Closed Bank Accounts

Here's some good news for people who are still waiting on their stimulus cash.

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Biden's Unemployment Proposal Could Replace 86% of Lost Wages

Jobless workers could be in for a real lifeline.

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Will the End of Free Trials and Higher Prices Hurt Tuesday's Netflix Earnings?

The video-streaming veteran ended a free-trial program in October. Here's how that move could affect this week's fourth-quarter earnings report.

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U.S. Childcare Costs Are Crippling. Here's How Biden Plans to Help

Biden has a plan to ease the burden of childcare at a time when so many families need help.

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New to the Stock Market? 3 Things to Know Before You Buy Airline Stocks

The airlines had a tough time in 2020. Here's what to look for heading into 2021.

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3 Dividend Stocks That Are Perfect for Retirement

Reliable payout growth and readiness for the future are just as important as a stock's current dividend yield.

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How Sleep Number Can Capitalize on Its Momentum in 2021

The mattress retailer has caught shareholders' attention. Here's how it can keep investors engaged.

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Bizarre Tesla Stock Calls Keep Flooding In on Wall Street

Two more analysts recently raised their price targets for Tesla stock -- but they don't seem to have especially optimistic views of Tesla's long-term growth potential.


Is Starbucks a Great Dividend Stock?

Can Starbucks keep the coffee brewing during these challenging times and continue to reward its shareholders?

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The Average Retirement Saver Is Making This $500,000 Mistake

The numbers tell the story.

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Stimulus Check Update: Biden Pushes for $1,400 Boost Not Just for the Jobless

President-elect Biden wants to make an impact on those affected during the pandemic, so he's calling for more stimulus money. Will lawmakers agree?


How to Invest in 5G, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Electric Vehicles, and Genomics -- All in One Stock

This company is leveraged to all the major 2020s megatrends.

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4 Reasons I've Paid More in Taxes Than I Strictly Needed To

Sometimes, there are more important priorities than just tax minimization.


3 Breakout Stocks to Watch in 2021

Baidu and two other tech stocks could generate big returns this year.


3 Stocks to Avoid This Week

These three stocks seem pretty vulnerable right now.

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Maxed Out Your Emergency Fund? 3 Other Places to Put Your Money

Here's where to stash your cash once your emergency fund is complete.

IRS Tax Forms

The 13 Most Common Tax Forms

Here's a cheat sheet to help you navigate the most popular tax forms.

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What's Going on With WhatsApp?

Users are abandoning the Facebook-owned messaging service.

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Current Mortgage Refinance Rates -- January 18, 2021: 30- and 15-Year Loans Creep Upward

Refinance rates are up a bit from last week but remain low overall. Should you apply for a new mortgage?