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Adam Galas

Adam Galas


Adam Galas is an energy writer for The Motley Fool and a retired Army Medical Services Officer. After serving his country in the global war on terror, he has come home to serve investors by teaching them how to invest better in order to achieve their financial dreams.

Recent articles

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EnLink Midstream Earnings: 3 Things All Dividend Investors Need to Know

Learn the three most important things to look for in an MLP's earnings report and whether this high-yield MLP has what it takes to make a strong addition to your portfolio.

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Williams Partners Investors: Don't Expect a Repeat Performance of 2015 This Year

Despite the worst energy collapse in 50 years Williams Partners reported very strong 2015 results. Find out why dividend investors are still better off staying away.

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KNOT Offshore Partners Solid 2015 Earnings Signals Likely Smooth Sailing in 2016

Despite the chaos of the energy markets this high-yielding MLP is posting impressive growth. Find out how and why 2016 is likely to prove another good year for dividend investors.

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Hi-Crush Partners Had a Devastating 2015 and 2016 Shows No Signs of Relief

Find out just how badly America's largest frack sand MLP did in 2015, why 2016 may be no better, and what all this means for long-term income investors.

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Shell Midstream Partners Earnings: Why Stupendous Growth Is Likely to Continue in 2016

Find out just what this super-fast-growing energy dividend growth champion's secret is, and why 2015's hypergrowth is likely to continue in 2016, oil crash notwithstanding.

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Enable Midstream Earnings: Terrible 2015, and Things Might Get Even Worse in 2016

Find out why one of the most brutalized high-yield dividend energy stocks is cheap for a reason, and why high-yield investors should stay away.

Enbridge Energy Partners Earnings Show Growth, but Only High-Risk Dividend Investors Need Apply

Despite a strong 2015, Enbridge Energy remains a high-risk dividend investment. Find out why 2016 is likely to be a very tough time for this pipeline giant.

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4 Reasons This Is the Perfect Dividend Stock to Own During the Oil Crash

Find out why this high-yield energy stock's payout is not just safe despite the worst oil crash in 50 years, but also likely to keep growing for years to come.

Avoid These 2 High-Yield Energy Stocks and Buy Magellan Midstream Partners Instead

Find out why Magellan Midstream Partners' latest earnings results prove it's one of the best dividend growth opportunities you can buy today and far superior to these two competitors.

Spectra Energy Earnings Show Why You Should Consider This High-Yield Stock

FInd out why Spectra Energy's growth isn't likely to suffer this year, despite the worst oil crash in 50 years.

Teekay LNG Partners Earnings: Solid Results, but Still May Not be Worth Buying Today

Find out why, despite a solid business model and good earnings report, Teekay LNG Partners may still represent the least attractive LNG tanker MLP.

Is Wall Street Right to Hate Tallgrass Energy Partners Earnings?

Tallgrass Energy Partners' growth in 2015 was red hot. Here are three major warning signs that investors should watch for in 2016.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners' 2015 Earnings Suggests Strong Dividend Growth in 2016

Find out why one of the world's most diversified utilities continues firing on all cylinders and why slowing global growth isn't likely to halt strong dividend growth in 2016.

Forget Kinder Morgan, Buy These 3 MLPs Instead

Kinder Morgan seems to finally be on the right track to grow despite low oil prices. Yet there are three far superior MLPs that are investors should consider buying today.

Plains All American Pipeline's Earnings Show Why Dividend Lovers Should Stay Away

Find out just how poorly Plains All American did in 2015 and why 2016 isn't likely to be much better.

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners Earnings Reveals 3 Reasons Dividend Investors Should Stay Away

Find out why the world's largest renewable-energy utility is a high-yield dividend stock you should avoid, despite its very attractive and growing yield.

MPLX Cuts Dividend Growth Guidance in Half: What This Means for Long-Term Investors

Find out why MPLX, which has been growing like a weed, just slashed its payout growth forecast and what dividend investors should expect in the years to come.

The 1 Thing That Could Derail 8Point3 Energy Partners's Hypergrowth Plans in 2016

Learn why the best solar yieldco is firing on all cylinders, as well as why its growth prospects may become threatened if the worst oil crash in 50 years continues.

Now May Not be the Time to Buy Western Gas Partners

Western Gas represents a highly undervalued high-yield MLP. However, there are two things investors need to be aware of before investing their hard-earned money.

Kinder Morgan Earnings Reveal It's Back on Track, but Substantial Risks Remain

Find out what the future likely holds for investors in America's largest pipeline operator and if it's worth buying shares today.