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Ben Popkin

Ben Popkin


Ben is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University with a degree in finance. Follow Ben on Twitter at @BPopkin.

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This Shareholder Has Major Influence Over Your Brewing Stock

Jim Koch's stake in the Boston Beer Company gives him a lot of control over the business.

The Violent Forces Facing Harley-Davidson Inc and Polaris Overseas

Harley-Davidson and Polaris Industries face headwinds in Europe, but each company has a strategy to overcome the challenges abroad.

How Harley-Davidson Plans to Bring in New Riders With Its Low Riders

The announcement of Harley-Davidson's Low Rider and SuperLow 1200T models could boost sales for the company's smaller target market.

3 Risks Affecting Your Favorite Craft Brewers

The craft beer industry has recently seen rapid growth, but there are several risks that could potentially slow its exciting rise.

The Healthy Lifestyle That Brewers Are Profiting From

Gluten-free lifestyles might seem like a problem for beer companies, but these brewers are adjusting to profit from the dietary restriction.

This Brewer Is Working for Margin Expansion

Craft Brew Alliance has struggled with its gross margin, but the company is focused on growing profitability moving forward.

This Motorcycle Maker Is Surging Through Seasonality

What is Harley-Davidson doing to adjust to seasonal sales fluctuations?

This Brewer Is Focused on the Future

In a recent conference call, the Boston Beer Company made it clear that it will forsake short-term results for long-term earnings.

This Toy Stock Still Has Plenty of Magic Left

With so many companies producing trading card games, what is Hasbro doing to keep Magic: The Gathering growing?

3 Risks Affecting Polaris Industries Inc.

Polaris and its competitors have these risk factors to deal with in the powersport and motor vehicle markets.

Backflip Could Drive This Toymaker's Stock Higher

During 2013, Hasbro acquired a majority share in Backflip Studios. How does the company plan to leverage this investment moving into the new year?

What Lean Means for Polaris' Future

Polaris hopes to grow productivity with increased focus on lean manufacturing during 2014.

This Toy Maker Expects a Blockbuster Year

Hasbro's boys' category had a challenging 2013, but the company hopes to bounce back this year with the help several blockbuster films coming out this summer.

Girls Saved 2013 for This Toymaker

During a challenging 2013, Hasbro's top line remained flat thanks to these brands.

This Motorcycle Maker Faces Headwinds Abroad

Harley-Davidson has a majority of the U.S. heavyweight motorcycle industry, but international markets offer their own unique challenges.

Why Polaris Industries Inc.'s Core Is Still Growing

Polaris's non-core business segments have grown rapidly, but that hasn't slowed down off-road vehicle innovation.

3 Key Areas of Growth for Polaris

Polaris is known for leading the power-sports market, but the company's strategy also focuses on improving these three areas.

How Harley-Davidson, Inc. Hopes to Gain Market Share

While the heavyweight motorcycle market is dominated by older male consumers, Harley-Davidson is working to attract a different group of riders.

This Company Might Have Another ACE in the Hole

Read about Polaris's strategy behind the Sportsman ACE, along with what its research and development means for future innovation.

How This Company Is Challenging Harley-Davidson's Reign

With the launch of new Indian motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has some revived heavyweight competition.

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